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Alisa Hamilton, CEO of Scandalous Divas, Inc. is a master of organization and event management. Her personal attention to detail, passion for seamless execution, and good-natured approach makes her a pleasure to work with. A monthly event, such as Scandalous Sundays hosted @Kitchen 305, is an important component of J-Shin and ShinChic Décor’s successes. Scandalous Divas offer opportunities for artists to vibe with supporters of our musical movement, as well as serve as an outlet to spread the word about TeamShin’s new business ventures. We look forward to future endeavors with your corporation. Scandalous Divas, Inc. rocks!
Melanye Shinhoster,
CEO of ShinChic Décor and
Local Coordinating Manager of Artist, J-Shin

Alisa Hamilton, CEO of Scandalous Divas, Inc. is a great business woman and a wonderful person to work with. Her way of projecting the vision through every single project she commence is absolutely outstanding; and allowing us to be the projection tool for her printing and design makes us proud of what we do here at MORO Advertising & Design. Scandalous Divas, Inc. is here to stay and progress!
Fernando Rodriguez,
Art Director/Printing Consultant


Alisa Hamilton, CEO of Scandalous Divas, Inc. is an amazing entrepreneur and excellent business woman and person to work with. She tells us her vision and target and we project it in an interactive creative way. Working with Alisa of Scandalous Divas is very professional, fun, easy and creative, we are proud and exited of being a part of Scandalous Divas web and interactive media development. Scandalous Divas, Inc. is amazing!
Jaime Millan,
Creative Director of The Creative 2

Hi Alisa. :-) :-) just a note of thanks and sincere appreciation for the opportunity to network with fabulous individuals....thanks again ..look forward to the next event....:-) :-) .may God continue to bless and keep u...

Just would like to say thanks to the wonderful people at scandalous divas for giving me a night to remember wooow!!!

And a HIT IT WAS!!! I am honored to be a part of the reality of a beautiful vision. The BEST SHALL CONTINUE!!! I'm ready for Sunday, July 28 :-)!!!

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